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My experience with Mindler

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Mindler is a digital healthcare provider. We offer online therapy where you can speak to a therapist online via video call directly in our app.

  • Short waiting times

  • £90 per session

  • Unlimited access to our online self-help programmes

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“It’s very reassuring to know that help is only a push of a button away”

My experience with Mindler

In my early twenties I experienced mental illness for the first time. A history of insecurity, changes in my life and a bunch of stress led to panic attacks and depression. At this time a tool like Mindler did not exist and I had to visit my local help centre to seek the care that I needed. Due to the fact that I had to meet up in person, it took me until I was really worried about my own health to get help. It was a long way back and I am sure that if Mindler was available at an early stage of my fall-out, I would probably have got the right tools to handle what I was going through.

How did you come to start using Mindler?

After several years I had another tough period in life. I discovered that my then boyfriend had a gambling addiction and a large debt on top of that. I had to be a support and at the same time handle my own emotions. With my history, I was afraid of where I might end up if I didn’t take care of my mental health. I heard about Mindler from a friend, and found out that this was perfect for me. Because of the accessibility I didn’t even have to bother to go out of my own home to take that first, big step of getting help. I downloaded the app and started searching among the range of psychologists and found a woman with a great description that suited my needs.

How was your experience using Mindler?

The caring and wise psychologist caught me quickly and gave me the right tools and exercises to handle my situation. The 25-minute meetings were just enough to focus on one thing at the time and I never felt that I needed either longer or shorter sessions. In between meetings, I could of course use the self-helping programs in the application. Slowly things got better, but Mindler’s flexibility gave me the opportunity to quickly book a new appointment in case I needed it.

How do you feel today after having gone to Mindler?

Today I am able to identify my psychological needs and have a healthy life. I no longer need professional help on a regular basis, but it is very reassuring to know that it is only a push of a button away. I am grateful for meeting such a humble psychologist with the ability to help me. I will take with me all of the things I’ve learned further in life.