About our self-help programmes

On this page, you can learn more about Mindler’s self-help programmes and how these can benefit you.

At Mindler, we have a library of self-help programmes that can be accessed in our app.

These programmes cover a range of topics, including stress, depression, anxiety and much more. The programmes contain information, facts and exercises to help patients better understand whatever difficulty they may be going through, and to practice applying techniques to their daily lives to better manage their difficulties.

Patients can either work their way through the programmes on their own, or with the help of a psychologist.

There are two ways patients can access the programmes.

The first is to book in and have an appointment with one of Mindler’s psychologists, who can then guide the patient to whichever programme might be most relevant to them.

The second option is for anyone who may not feel ready to speak to a psychologist yet, and would prefer to begin working through the programmes on their own. Access to just the self-help programmes can be purchased by clicking below.

At Mindler you can speak to a psychologist online. Download our app to book a video call or read more about our psychologists below.

Last updated on: 2022.03.03