About our self-help programmes

On this page, you can learn more about Mindler’s self-help programmes and how these can benefit you.

At Mindler, we have a growing library of self-help programmes that can be accessed in our app.

These programmes cover a range of topics such as depression, stress and anxiety, and Mindler is constantly developing new programmes informed by research and evidence. The programmes typically contain information of what the specific distress may look or feel like, as well as exercises to help patients better understand whatever difficulty they may be going through, and to practice applying techniques to their daily lives to better manage their difficulties.

Patients can either work their way through the programmes on their own, or with the help of a psychologist.

How to access the programmes:

Book in and have an appointment with one of Mindler’s psychologists, who can guide the patient to whichever programme might be most relevant to them.

At Mindler you can speak to a psychologist online. Download our app to book a video call or read more about our psychologists below.

Currently the programmes available are: 

Trauma and PTSD 

Improve your sleep 

Relationship problems

Understand and manage emotions 

Living with pain 


Fear of needles 



Fear of childbirth 

Postnatal depression 

Excessive anxiety 

Managing social anxiety 

Dealing with OCD 

Managing panic disorder 

Managing health anxiety 

Independent exercises

More recently Mindler developed programmes regarding coping with the mental impact of the War in Ukraine as well as COVID-19. The Mindler team is working on adding more programmes informed by the CBT approach and evidence based treatments for each presentation and has been able to adapt and develop programmes regarding more novel distresses. 

Last updated on: 2023.02.13

Author: Antigone Lanitis

Reviewed by: Nahid Karamali