Invest in your employees’ mental health

Mental health problems are one of the main causes of sick leave. Our mission is to make the most efficient mental health treatment available for everyone.

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Support your employees’ mental health

Mindler’s business solution makes it possible for companies to offer online therapy to employees. Mindler offers tailor-made solutions that are able to meet the wide needs and requirements you may be looking to implement at your company.

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4 reasons to choose Mindler

  1. With Mindler’s business solution, you can prevent mental health problems in the workplace

  2. Investing in mental health can reduce sick leave by 35% and save the company money

  3. Employees get immediate and effective help, without having to involve their manager

  4. Mental health awareness is crucial for the workplace of the future

Mindler's business solution block

Tailored for both the employee and the workplace.

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Video calls with therapist

We offer CBT treatment with therapists via video calls. The employee chooses a therapist for the treatment, and it’s ok to change to another therapist if it doesn't feel right. 

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Tools and exercises in the app

Our iCBT programs contain tools and exercises. The employee can work on the programs on their own at any time, and combine them with video calls with a therapist.

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Organizational support and lectures

We also offer organizational analyses, coaching, and lectures that can take the workplace to a new level.

All workplaces are different

What is specifically needed at your workplace? In addition, we offer organizational analyses, coaching and lectures by a therapist.

Do you have any questions about our business solution? Contact us, and we will provide more information!

Organizational analysis and support

An organizational analysis is customized to address your specific needs and challenges. With the TopDec tool, we measure individuals' attitudes and provide you with quick and detailed feedback on both an individual and group level.

Coaching for leaders and groups

One of our therapists assesses the current challenges at your workplace. We customize coaching based on the needs of the group or individual and provide you with tools for success and well-being in the workplace.

Lectures and workshops

We offer lectures and workshops on topics such as stress, worry and anxiety, reorganization, and self-leadership. All our lectures are based on evidence and proven experience.



of patients felt their mental health had improved after a completed treatment.


4.9 / 5

is the average rating our therapists receive from patients.

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“I’ll help you get started quickly and efficiently with supporting employees’ mental wellbeing in the workplace.”

Sofie Gejler, Partnership Manager at Mindler