Speak to a psychologist online

Mindler is a digital healthcare provider. We offer online therapy where you can speak to a psychologist online via video call directly in our app.

  • Short waiting times
  • £45 per session
  • Unlimited access to online self-help programmes
Download the app and book an appointmentDownload the app and book an appointmentDownload the app and book an appointment

"I quickly got in contact with a psychologist for me and never felt alone during my ICBT-treatment. I’m incredibly thankful for the help I’ve received. Probably the best digital healthcare app there is!"


Online therapy via video calls

We offer secure, accessible online therapy via video calls in our app. You can easily book an appointment and speak to one of our psychologists at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your own home.

Self-help programmes

After you’ve had your first appointment with one of our psychologists, you’ll get unlimited access to a wide range of self-help programmes in our app, which you can complete in your own time or with the help of a psychologist.

Evidence-based treatment

Our blended treatment model, which is the combination of video calls with a psychologist and our self-help programmes, has been proven to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders and several other diagnoses.

Get evidence-based support

We aim to provide the best support for mental health problems by combining our psychological expertise with technological development. Our evidence-based blended treatment model is proven to help treat a wide range of diagnoses.

Speak to a psychologist quickly, easily and securely

Meeting a psychologist online with Mindler is an option for you if you’re unable to or do not want to meet a psychologist at a clinic. With us, you avoid the waiting times that patients often face at health centres and you also have the opportunity to choose which psychologist you want to talk to.

Information about mental health

Do you want to learn more about various diagnoses and treatments? Find more information here.