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How does Mindler ensure quality of care?

Mindler quality

Mindler only employs insured, HCPC registered psychologists and BABCP accredited CBT Therapists with Enhanced DBS

Within the UK, using the title ‘psychologist’ is heavily protected. Anyone calling themselves a psychologist needs to be registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). This means they will have several years of high level clinical experience and meet strict professional standards.

To be British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) accredited, the Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) therapist must have mental health professional training and specific CBT training. To be accredited by the BABCP CBT therapists have to demonstrate experience in CBT and meet high standards of training.

Every CBT therapist and psychologist is Enhanced DBS checked before employment is offered at Mindler UK and regular DBS check updates are conducted throughout the psychologist’s employment. Every CBT therapist and psychologist has professional indemnity insurance.

Patient safety is the number one priority

Patient safety is the number one priority at Mindler UK. Mindler only works with patients who we believe can benefit from treatment with us and can work safely and effectively in a remote, time-limited manner. Every therapist is experienced at risk assessment, risk management and safety planning.

Ensuring quality of clinical work

From the start, each patient is treated with respect, dignity and integrity. Every psychologist has regular clinical and management supervision provided in-house, to ensure a high quality of care. In-house training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities are available for every therapist to ensure learning, development and maintenance of clinical practice.

Internal clinical policies and deviation management

At Mindler UK, we are continuously developing our internal policies. These policies include clinical management, safety and deviation management, data security, quality improvement, and therapeutic guidelines. As our patients are at the centre of our work, we act responsively, seriously and respectfully to all feedback.

Privacy and integrity

All personal data handled by Mindler is processed in accordance with GDPR and within the same patient confidentiality rules as at any regulated health centre. This also means that therapy at Mindler is recorded in the same way as visits to your usual healthcare provider.

Updated: 2023-03-29