Mindler is a digital healthcare provider

You can speak to a psychologist via video calls directly in our app.
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1. Download the app

Download our free, secure app.

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2. Book an appointment

Choose a time and a psychologist for a video meeting.

3. Appointment

Your psychologist will contact you in the app when it is time for your appointment.

4. Treatment

Your psychologist will make an assessment and together you will discuss treatment options. iCBT courses are available in the app 24/7 to support you between meetings with your psychologist.

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Video calls

Speak to a psychologist of your choice via video calls

Short waiting times

We will do our best to offer you a time within 24 hours


Work on your own with our self-help programmes

Speak to a psychologist quickly, easily and securely

In our app, you will find digital therapy programmes (so-called iCBT programs) that you can work on by yourself or in combination with your psychologist-led treatment. We have programmes that are focused on specific problem areas such as stress, health anxiety, panic etc.

To gain access to our iCBT programmes, you must first book a meeting with one of our psychologists. The psychologist will then help you choose the right programme for you.

Most frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to access Mindler’s self-help programmes?

Once patients have completed their first appointment with a psychologist, they get access to our self-help programmes. There’s no extra charge to access the programmes once a patient has had their first appointment with a psychologist.

What does the price include?

The price includes one 25-minute session with a highly trained psychologist and unlimited access to our self-help programmes.

What is blended treatment?

Blended treatment is the combination of 25-minute video call sessions with a Mindler psychologist and self-help programmes, which can be completed by the patient in their own time on the Mindler app. The self-help programmes consist of exercises created to help the patient continue their treatment outside of sessions. These can be completed either individually or with help of the psychologist.

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