Work as a psychologist at Mindler

All psychologists working at Mindler see patients via video calls in our app. This means that you can work as much as you want, wherever you want and when you want. Some of our psychologists work full time (6 hours /day), others part-time. Some work in the evening and others during the day. How you want to work is up to you! Even though the work is done remotely, we put a lot of focus on sharing knowledge and creating a community among our psychologists.

Psychologist at Mindler

With over 300 licensed psychologists working at Mindler globally, we have thousands of psychologist visits conducted each week through our app. Our ambition is to be a leader in the development of mental healthcare. Join us on our journey! The basic requirements that all our psychologists meet are:

  • All have experience with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).
  • Everyone is passionate about helping people!

Would you like to be a part of developing mental healthcare?

Fantastic! We’re currently looking to bring on more talent and would love to hear from you! Please click the link below to view the career page, where you can connect with us and see all available opportunities.

Benefits of working as a psychologist at Mindler


As a full time psychologist, you only work 6h per day.


Strong work-life balance, you decide how much, where, and when you want to work.


Great colleagues, knowledge-sharing through Mindler Academy, Kick-offs & events.

“For a clinical psychologist, Mindler combines the flexibility of a private practice with the support and technology of a global leader in the field of mental health.”

Suzan Mobarke, Psychologist

Rickard Lagerqvist – Co-founder

Rickard Lagerqvist is a medical doctor and has been working as an entrepreneur for the past few years. Before Rickard founded Mindler, he started the blood sampling service, Werlabs, and the care staffing company, Colivia.

What is your vision with Mindler?

We want to ensure the best possible care for mental ill health is available to the whole world and get more people to seek help for their problems. One of Mindler’s ambitions has always been to break the stigmas associated with mental health difficulties. I’ll be happy when seeing a psychologist is considered as normalised as going to the doctor.

What corporate culture do you strive for?

Every day we put in work to try to become the best employer. Working as a psychologist at Mindler is a modern way of working. We offer, among other things, a six-hour working day, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from abroad.