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Choosing the right clinician for you

In this article we are discussing what to think about when choosing the right clinician for you.

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The therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client is vital to good treatment and has been widely researched over the years. It is therefore important to find someone that you feel comfortable and at ease with. Keep these 3 tips in mind when choosing a psychologist.

  1. Reflect on what you want from a therapy session, and be prepared to tell that to your therapist. What would you like to work towards and what are the therapist’s areas of expertise? You may be feeling anxious, or low in mood, you may be facing issues at work or in your relationships. Make sure that these are issues the therapist has experience working with. These are listed in the therapist’s speciality fields on their profile.

  2. Imagine the therapist you would be able to open up to. Think of factors that may affect how you feel working with them. These may be gender, age, or religion. Would you feel more comfortable working with someone older, younger or your age? Would them sharing the same religious beliefs be important to you?

  3. Shop around. Remember you can change therapists if you feel that the therapist isn’t the best match for you. Just like any other relationship sometimes people just don’t click and that’s ok. Discuss this with your therapist as they may be able to find someone who is better suited to you and can refer you onwards to them. If you feel uncomfortable discussing this with them, you can book another appointment on the Mindler app with someone new.

Updated: 2022-11-14

Author: Antigone Lanitis

Reviewed by: Marina Moran