Frequently asked questions

Can I use Mindler in any country?

Yes. As long as you have a good internet connection with image and sound, you can use Mindler. You must be covered by Dutch health insurance.

Do I see the same clinician at every call?

Yes, your clinician remains the same throughout your treatment.

How do I cancel my appointment?

Open your appointment in the App. Click on cancel. Then click save. Your appointment has now been canceled.

Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the appointment. Canceling within 48 hours is only possible by contacting our support team.

How do I get a referral?

Contact your GP to request a referral. They can make a referral via Zorgdomein. Are you having difficulties with the referral? Just let us know, we are happy to help you!

How do I get in touch with Mindler?

Our Support department is open weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00. We do our best to answer your chat messages within 24 hours. Feel free to also contact us by emailing .

How do I install the Mindler App?

Our App is very easy to install from the Appstore or Google Play store. Once the App is on your mobile, click log in to create a new account. You will receive a code to your email inbox to confirm your email address.

How long does an appointment take?

One session at Mindler is 30 minutes long. At Mindler, we follow a blended treatment model, meaning that patients continue their treatment outside of sessions through completing ‘homework’ assignments in the form of self-help programmes in the app.

How much does it cost to use Mindler?

The treatments we offer are covered by the basic insurance and are therefore free of charge, with exception of your own risk (eigen risico). We contract almost all health insurers. In the event that we do not have a contract with your insurer, we will take care of any differences in the contribution.

What can I expect from the treatment?

Mindler offers treatment in two main areas: Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Psychotherapy (PT).

CBT focuses on learning a new, healthier way of thinking and acting. PT takes a closer look at the causes of your symptoms, including examining your past.

Our clinicians work a lot with Cognitive behavioural therapy.

What help can I get?

Through Mindler you will be in contact with a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist or GZ psychologist. We only employ accredited professionals who have at least three years of experience in mental health care. They will assess, investigate and treat your mental health issue.

When do I seek help?

You should seek help when your mental health starts to have a negative impact, and things that normally make you feel better no longer work. Trust your own instincts, and don’t underestimate how you feel. A small event in your life can cause a big inner crisis. People often seek help for a problem that turns out to be much bigger than they previously thought.
Some examples of when it is time to contact us:

• Feeling that you have lost your zest for life
• Muscle pains
• Sleeping problems
• Decreased appetite
• Worrying without a reason
• Finding it hard to relax
• Difficulties in feeling joy
• Urge for self-torment
• A destructive relationship
• Compulsions that are a burden on you
• Phobias that interfere with your life

Where can I go with complaints or to give feedback?

Not satisfied? We would like to hear from you. Contact us by clicking the Chat button. You can also email us at .

Which problems can I contact you about?

Mindler offers support for a wide range of conditions.
Some examples include:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Eating Disorders
• Social Anxiety
• Phobias
• Aggression
• ADHD and ADD
We are also happy to discuss more serious disorders such as personality disorder, bipolar and psychotic disorders.

Which psychologist is right for me?

On our website you will find information about all our clinicians. You can choose a psychologist who has a lot of experience with your particular condition.

Is the psychologist you would like to work with not offering a suitable time for you right now? He or she may not have any available slots. Contact us via the chat button or We will then book an appointment for you.