About Mindler

Mindler provides fast and effective mental health treatment through video calls with professionals. Read more about our background and how we have achieved helping many people.

Mindler: Expert care online

Creating equal access to care is what Mindler stands for. We believe that everyone deserves quality mental healthcare, regardless of income or where you live.
We bring together digital technology and professional care, enabling effective treatments for everyone.

Long waiting lists in mental healthcare

Poor mental health is the number one reason for sickness absence in our society. Increasingly more people are having to cope with mental health problems, which they struggle to solve on their own. This also leads to very long waiting times to access mental healthcare. It is common to wait more than eight weeks nowadays.
When you get stuck in life, you don’t want to wait. You would prefer life to return to normal as soon as possible. Your concerns are our concern.

Online help: Our breakthrough

Mindler provides a fast and effective route to expert help. We believe that no one should have to wait for quality mental healthcare.
Video calls with a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist or GZ psychologist will help you treat your condition.
Our company, which has its origins in Sweden, has successfully assisted no fewer than 30,000 people during the past year. As the largest online mental healthcare provider in Sweden, we are now also available to everyone in the Netherlands.
Mindler treats every individual with respect and on equal terms.

Types of therapy offered through Mindler

We offer treatment in two main areas:
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Psychotherapy (PT).

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

CBT focuses on acquiring a new, healthier way of thinking and acting. The thoughts and behaviours that cause you problems are identified together with your therapist.
During this therapy, the underlying causes do not necessarily need to be understood to treat the problems. You will practice new behaviours in your daily life and discuss it with your therapist.
Your thoughts influence how you feel, which leads to focusing growing attention on those areas. You therefore determine how you feel through targeted choices in your thinking.

Psychotherapy PT

With PT, you discuss the causes of your symptoms in greater depth. Exploring your past plays a major role in this type of therapy. The theory is that mental health problems are caused by a past event, and you can gain insight and treat the condition by understanding what caused it.
PT improves your self-knowledge. On the basis of self-examination, you and your therapist look for answers to questions.

Contact with Mindler

Do you have any questions about us or do you want to know what we can do to help you? Do not hesitate to contact us.