Information about fees and rates

1. Healthcare costs

Care at Mindler can be reimbursed by your basic insurance (Basis GGZ) or via your employer. Reimbursement via your health insurer is only possible with a valid referral and an established and reimbursed DSM-5 diagnosis.

We have contracts with many health insurers. In the event that we do not have a contract with your insurer, the insurer may ask you to pay a personal contribution in addition to your deductible. We take care of this personal contribution, so you don’t have to worry about that.

2. Deductible

2.1 Compulsory deductible

All insurers in the Netherlands have an deductible of €385 per person. This means that everyone aged 18 and older must pay the first €385 of the insured healthcare costs themselves.

If you have not yet used all of your deductible this year, the costs of the treatment will be covered with this. This will be the maximum amount you will have to pay to cover the costs of your treatment. If your deductible has been used up, the other insured healthcare costs will be reimbursed by your insurer. Your deductible expires per calendar year.

2.2 Voluntary excess

It is possible to increase your deductible from €385 to a maximum of €885. If you have a voluntary excess, the health insurer will first deduct the treatment costs from your voluntary excess before taking over the treatment costs. We therefore recommend that you set your deductible to a minimum if you want to receive care from Mindler.

2.3 To whom do you pay your deductible

  • If Mindler has a contract with your insurer, they pay us and you pay your deductible to the insurer.

  • If you have received the invoice yourself, the insurer will deduct your deductible from the compensation they pay you, so you must transfer the deductible directly to us.

2.4 Questions about your deductible?

We cannot view your remaining deductible, for more information about this you can contact your health insurer.

3. Personal contribution

We have contracts with many health insurers. In the event that we do not have a contract with your insurer, an own contribution does apply. Please take into account the legally required own risk (Eigen Risico) and the rules regarding the health insurance in The Netherlands.

4. How does the invoice work?

4.1 What is on the invoice?

Your bill is split into different types of healthcare services. For treatment at Mindler you will see the following types of care performance:

  1. Diagnostic consultations (including the intake interview and the advisory interview)

  2. Treatment consultations (including the treatment sessions, messages about your treatment and feedback on homework assignments)

The rates for these services depend on the profession of your practitioner and the duration of the consultation.

In the overview on your invoice you can see exactly what we have charged. Sometimes a consultation may have lasted a little longer or shorter than stated on the overview of your insurer. This is because it is based on the time that was scheduled.

4.2 Rates

The rates for mental health care in The Netherlands (the GGZ) are annually determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA). Treatment can be reimbursed with a referral letter from your GP or other valid referrer. The annual Dutch Own Risk fee (of at least €385.00) applies to all care under the basic insurance.

With an in-kind policy, your health insurer only reimburses part of our bill. We will pay for the difference with the NZA rates. So you don’t have to complete this.

From 2023, the NZa has set the rates based on the time that the practitioner spends directly, i.e. together with the patient. This is new: previously all time, including the time of administration, keeping the file, collegial consultation, etc., could be charged.

The NZa has included this indirect time in the new rates, which means that they are now much higher. But in fact the costs amount to the same as in previous years.

4.3 How do I claim from the insurer

If you have received an invoice, you can declare it yourself at your insurer. You can easily declare this online on your personal insurance page. As soon as the insurer has processed the invoice, they will inform you (via their claims page) how much is insured and what they reimburse. You only have to pay us the insured part. This comes down to what the insurer pays you plus your “deductible”; you do not have to pay the non-insured part, the “personal contribution.”

4.4 My insurer rejected my invoice, what do I do?

As long as we have processed your referral letter before you have started your treatment, your health insurer is obliged to reimburse the bill. It does not matter which insurer you are affiliated with. If you do receive a rejected invoice, please email In this case, please specify:

  1. The invoice number

  2. The reason why your insurer rejected the bill

We will then help you to solve this.

5. When can you expect the invoice?

We aim to send invoices within 3 months after your appointment.* You then have 30 days to submit the invoice to your insurer and to transfer the reimbursed amount to us. This can be sent to NL52INGB0009533796 in the name of Mindler, stating your invoice number.

If we invoice directly to your health insurer, you do not have to do anything else. The term in which you receive the bill may be slightly longer.

Please note: Therefore you will also receive invoices during your treatment.

*The way of invoicing has changed as of January 1, 2022. Due to this major change, many invoices from last year have been delayed, so you may receive the invoices for 2022 later than you are used to from us.

6. Insured with a foreign insurer

If you are insured abroad, but would like to receive treatment at Mindler, we ask you to agree to have the bill sent to you directly. You usually pay for the treatment yourself and can then submit the bill to your foreign insurer. The costs depend on the type and duration of the treatment. You do need at least a permanent Dutch home and residence address for this. Do you want more information about this? Please contact

7. Treatment from your employer

Some employers have entered into contracts with us to pay your bill. In this case, the invoice for the treatment will be sent to your employer. In that case, the payment is completely outside of your control. The information about insured care as described above is then not applicable.

8. No show, late cancellation

If you have entered into a treatment relationship with Mindler, we assume that you are motivated and therefore also appear at your sessions, just like your therapist. Of course, something can always happen that prevents that from happening. You can cancel your session in the app up to 48 hours in advance.

Between 48 and 24 hours in advance, you can still cancel free of charge by contacting us at

If you do this shorter in advance, i.e. less than 24 hours before your appointment, we charge you incurred costs*.

No show rates:

Diagnostics/Consult 15 minutes: €50,00 Diagnostics/Consult 30 minutes: €75,00 Diagnostics/Consult 45 minutes: €100,00

*As per 01-01-2023. Other conditions apply to Mindler via your employer.

9. Payment reminders and collection

9.1 Payment Reminder

After you have received the invoice from us, we expect your payment within 30 days. Have we not received anything yet? Then we will send you a first reminder. If we have not received anything after the first reminder, you will receive a second reminder. This is your last chance to pay the invoice within 30 days.

9.2 Transfer to the collection agency

After the second reminder, unfortunately we are forced to hand over the invoice to the collection agency.

Please note: When your invoice is handed over to the collection agency, legal collection costs will be charged of a maximum of 15% of the invoice amount with a minimum amount of € 40 excluding VAT. (see Article 6:96 of the Dutch Civil Code).

9.3 I cannot pay my deductible. What should I do?

Can you not afford to pay for your deductible? In certain cases we can draw up a payment arrangement for the deductible. Please contact us at

10. Questions?

Do you have other questions about your invoice? Mail us at We’re happy to help.