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Many of us will experience periods where we do not feel well during our lives. At Mindler, support is just a click away.

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How it works

You are here, already heading in the right direction. Now let us help you discover a way forward.


1. Download the app

The first step towards better mental help. Download the app and create your account.


2. Add your code

If you don't have a code, you can tell your insurance company or employer about Mindler, so that they can parter with us.


3. Do self-help

Right now we offer self-help programs in the app, and we plan to launch video calls with a psychologist soon.

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Invest in your employees’ mental health

Mental health problems are the leading cause of sickness absence in Norway. 1 in 10 Norwegians between the ages of 18 and 67 receives sickness benefits.

We want to reverse this trend by offering quick, effective and simple help for both prevention and treatment.

Contact us regarding our tailor-made solution for companies and insurance partners. We offer self-help and video meetings to promote and maintain good mental health.

Mindler is the leading digital psychological service in the Nordics

We help you towards better mental health. With over a million completed treatment activities globally, we are the leading psychological service in the Nordics. Through our app, we offer video calls with psychologists, especially for challenges such as stress, depression, worry or anxiety. You choose the time and place that suits you best, and in the app you will find exercises that support you and give you tools to better understand and manage your mental health. ​

"Even with company healthcare from Falck, we felt the need for something simpler. After conversations with our employees, we realized that it is often about daring to take the first step."

Johan Saxne Marketing director at Bauhaus

"Mindler has significantly improved our offer, and we are now expanding into new markets by emphasizing self-help as a proactive solution. We see Mindler as a cost-effective approach that increases the attractiveness of our products."

Stefan Örljung Partner, FUAB

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Mindler’s business solution makes it possible for companies to offer online therapy to employees. Mindler offers tailor-made solutions that are able to meet the wide needs and requirements you may be looking to implement at your company.

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