Now more than ever, the world needs a strong voice that breaks down barriers to seeking help. A voice that sheds light on undiscussed issues. A voice that tells us, in an enlightening and comforting way, that it’s ok.

That it’s ok to feel things. And it’s ok to seek help.

Simply put:
Being human is ok.

Being human is ok

… means finding strength in collective weakness

There’s comfort in knowing you’re not the only one who feels a certain way.

.. means having a modern approach

Because, now more than ever, the world needs an empathetic and science-driven approach. One that truly understands modern society, the challenges it brings and how to navigate in it.

… means bringing emotions to light

In Mindler’s world, even uncomfortable things deserve to be brought to light. In fact, the more uncomfortable, the greater its purpose.

… means therapy is ok

Because only when we’ve created a culture of acceptance around all mental health issues people may be experiencing, will the barriers to seeking help begin to be broken down.