Speak to a psychologist

Video calls

Speak to a certified psychologist via video calls. You choose when and where suits you, and which psychologist you want to talk to.


Work on your own with our iCBT self-help programmes. In our app, we have a variety of iCBT programmes that are focused on different types of problems.

Blended treatment

Video calls together with our iCBT self-help programmes enables us to offer an accessible and effective treatment alternative for people who have mild to moderate problems.

“For a world with better mental health”

Our mission is to champion mental health for all, by providing access to licensed psychologists and evidence based treatment methods, through safe technology.

Speak to a psychologist quickly, easily and securely

Meeting a psychologist online at Mindler is an option for you who can’t or do not want to meet a psychologist at a clinic. With us, you avoid the waiting times that often prevail at health centres and you also get the opportunity to choose who you want to talk to.

Facts about mental health

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