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Right now we are searching for talented employees to our team, and would like to get in contact with you. Please follow the link to our career page where you can connect with us and check our open positions.

Open positions

Being a psychologist at Mindler means that you meet your clients via video chat in our app. That means that you can work as much as you want, where and when you want. Some of our psychologists are working full time (= 6 hours / day), others are part time employees. Some are working evenings, some are working daytime. It’s your decision how to schedule your work. Even if you are working on remote, we are focusing on sharing experiences amongst our psychologists in a community.

Our HQ is situated in the central part of Stockholm, and with the help of our many developers focusing on how to offer the best possible digital psychologist help, we are one of the leading tech companies within the health care business. Mindler is expanding internationally right now, and the expansion is lead by a team built of passionate individuals with high competence. We are striving that all who work at Mindler should enter the office with a smile everyday, and we are focusing to make it possible to all employees to grow in their roles respectively.