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Rickard Lagerqvist – Co-Founder

Rickard Lagerqvist is a medical doctor and has in recent years worked as an entrepreneur. Before Rickard founded Mindler, he started the blood sampling service Werlabs and the care staffing company Colivia.

What is your vision with Mindler? We want to make the best possible care for mental illness available to the whole world and get more people to seek help for their problems. One of Mindler’s ambitions has always been to break down the stigmas associated with mental illness. I am happy when it is considered as obvious to see a psychologist as it is to go to your doctor.

What corporate culture do you strive for? We work every day to become the best employer for psychologists. Working as a psychologist at Mindler is a modern way of working. We offer, among other things, a six-hour working day, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from abroad.