About Mindler

Mindler is a leading digital psychology provider, founded in 2018 and growing quickly. Our headquarters are in Stockholm Sweden, which is home to many successful start-ups such as iZettle and Spotify.

Within our first year of operations, our team increased to over 100 psychologists, who held 30,000+ video sessions.

These numbers continue to grow, as Mindler helps to break the stigma around mental health and offer effective treatment with clinical psychologists.
Our subsidiary Mindler BV opened in the Netherlands in 2019, and we have offices in other English-speaking countries.

Mindler International enables us to make psychologist appointments available to everyone, regardless of where you live. Currently our team offer treatment in over 20 languages with a number of nationalities represented. Our team also offers a range of specialities to help match you to the best clinician for your condition. What differentiates us from other therapy services is that we go beyond talking therapy by offering actual treatment with experienced, accredited clinical psychologists.

Mindler was founded by 2 psychologists – Rickard Färdig and Johannes Hatem – and 1 Medical Doctor/Tech Entrepreneur Rickard Lagerqvist. Being founded by medical professionals means that we are focused on treatment outcomes for our users, to improve your psychological wellbeing. As a Psychologist-led organisation, we ensure that our psychologists focus on what they do best: direct clinic time and treatment.

Offering video meetings, chat and ICBT (Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy) via our Mindler app has enabled us to transform mental health by combining the convenience of technology with access to a network of experienced health professionals.

We always welcome new ideas and suggestions so do get in touch if you would like to give feedback or get involved.

Rickard Färdig
Johannes Hatem
Rickard Lagerqvist