This is Mindler

Mindler is a leading digital therapy provider. We want to break the stigma of mental health difficulties and make the most effective mental healthcare available to all.


Mindler – Rethinking Therapy

Asking for help when you feel unwell can be difficult. Getting help should therefore be easy. We believe that everyone who needs to should be able to see a psychologist – no matter where you live. That is why Mindler started, with the vision that everyone should have the opportunity to receive professional psychological care. We have now made that a reality.

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We have over 350 psychologists worldwide.

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750 000+

More than 500,000 digital psychologist visits have been carried out in our app.

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Right now, Mindler operates in three countries.


Rickard Lagerqvist – Co-founder

Rickard Lagerqvist is a medical doctor and has been working as an entrepreneur for the past few years. Before Rickard founded Mindler, he started the blood sampling service, Werlabs, and the care staffing company, Colivia.

What is your vision with Mindler?

We want to ensure the best possible care for mental ill health is available to the whole world and get more people to seek help for their problems. One of Mindler’s ambitions has always been to break the stigmas associated with mental health difficulties. I’ll be happy when seeing a psychologist is considered as normalised as going to the doctor.

What corporate culture do you strive for?

Every day we put in work to try to become the best employer. Working as a psychologist at Mindler is a modern way of working. We offer, among other things, a six-hour working day, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from abroad.

For a world with better mental health

Mindler’s purpose , since the start in 2018, is to make care for mental health difficulties equal. We strive to improve mental health for all, by providing easy access to psychologists and evidence-based treatment methods.

“We strive for equal and fair care for mental health difficulties”

Mindler is a digital service through which anyone experiencing mental health problems can quickly book a video meeting with a psychologist from home, through a smartphone or tablet. Your digital visit with a psychologist includes an assessment, investigation and treatment of your mental state  on your terms. 

We combine digital technology with access to mental health professionals to provide the best possible help for mental ill health.